Printing Processes

There are various process available:



Digital print is recommended for images that are shaded, screened or complex. Guest names are printed with this method.

Full colour images are printed digitally.


FLAT PRINT (also calld offset)

Flat printing is recognised by it's clean edges and a smooth print. One or two colour prints use this method.


RAISED PRINT (also called thermography)

Freshly printed inks are dusted with a powder compound. The sheet passes under a heater which fuses the ink and powdered compund. The printing then raises to have a similar look to engraving. Unlike engraving the back of the sheet has a smooth look. Raised print was created as an economicla alternative to engraving.

Guest names canot be printed with this method.



The oldest and most traditional of all print  methods, hand engraved priing signifies elegance and fomality. Test ot motifs are etched into a copper plate, the plate is inked and wiped clear, leaving ink in their impressions. Each piece of paper is hand fed where the paper is forced against the plate, resulting in a rasied inked impressions. The faint indentation in the back of the paper is a sign of fine engraving





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